Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ricotta gnocchi with Gorgonzola cream, pappardelle with braised oxtail, linguini with clams and baked chocolate tart with mascarpone. These glorious dishes are only a taste of the supremely divine food Andy Logue (my gorgeous brother) is dishing up in his new little trattoria, Pinotta. I know because I’ve just spent nine magnificent days down in Melbourne by his side for the grand opening, taking in my yearly gastronomic hit of culinary inspiration.
My brother, Andy with his business partner, Heidi.

Andy’s food is an immediate response from what is in the market that day and the quick calls from bed in the morning to talk to his fishmonger determines the morsels from the sea.
Pinotta's first menu board on opening day - written by yours truly!

Over the week we grilled the finest snapper with a little oregano, salt and pepper, tossed glistening bits of tender seafood into freshly cut ribbons of saffron pasta, stirred velvety risotto with mussels and for the ‘dish of the week’ Andy’s calamari ripieni with slow roasted tomato sauce. He makes all of his own pasta too!!!
Andy likes to wear organic flour bags on his head during service!

Andy’s desserts are kept simple and he only offers two or three per night plus some wonderful cheeses. Whilst I was there he made his fabulous baked chocolate tart, strawberries flambéed with Chambord and served vanilla bean ice cream, and his tiramisu; all fantastic and totally irresistible.

Andy's delicious baked chocolate tart and Johnnie Black a.k.a. the best waiter in Melbourne!!

The chambord that Andy flambées his strawberries with.

I’ve always said you can judge a great restaurant by its bread and salad. Well, here at Pinotta both are perfectly executed. Johnnie Dench supplies the bread… the best bread in the world and Andy’s salad is a mix of delicately picked leaves, finely sliced fennel and a dressing of lemon, Dijon, garlic and oil.
The bread supplied by Johnnie Dench (the best bread in the world!!)

The place is quirky, intimate and dimly lit with all the ingredients to make you feel like you could almost kick your boots off and slide into your slippers… oh, I didn’t mention there is an open fire ticking away in the back room! The wines are lovely too! My favourite is the little curly flat pinot noir ‘07.

So I say get a move on! What are you waiting for?! There’s a 4.15 from Sydney which should get you there in time for cocktails and the best little home-style Italian dinner you could ever hope for!

Simmone x

32 Best Street
North Fitzroy, Melbourne
Ph: 03 9481 3393

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