Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Puddings & All Things Christmas

Christmas really is my most favourite time of the year. As a foodie I love bringing joy to people's tables with all of the beautiful fare we are planning at Simmone Logue's this year!

Our fruit mince tart production has hit an all time high with the number baked hitting ninety thousand units this year!! Wow, I never dreamed this would be the case when I first starting pinching the pastry into the tiny muffin tins, fifteen years ago, in the back of my Balmain shop. My mum, my sister Joey, and I would be barely pulling them from the oven before another dozen would be sold!
Our puddings are so beautiful this year too. Laden with fruit, and lots and lots of brandy, they've been hanging in the barn at Essington Park since July, ready to be finally hung in store this week. They range from 1kg to 3kg in size and the great thing is we have made a gluten free pudding this year too!
Don't forget to order your ham.... double smoked and glazed with orange, seeded mustard, garlic and thyme, they are perfectly baked with their glistening golden and gooey glaze. Try my stone fruit relish bumped up on the side too!
Leg ham.. what a great thing to have left over for the holiday season for sandwiches, salads and late night cheesy toasties!

If you're worried about what to stuff your turkey with and how long to cook it. Don't! Just leave it to me. This year, as always, I cook my turkeys in the bag so all the wonderful flavour and moisture stays in the bird. All you have to do is take it from the bag and heat it in your oven. It's really no biggie!
Click here to view the rest of the goodies on my Christmas menu this year!

Eat, drink, love

Simmone x

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