Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home Meal Therapy

There was plenty of excitement in my kitchen this week with the launch of my new Home Meal Therapy range.

I cooked up 60kg of my tasty chicken dumplings with slow roasted tomato sauce. Now that's a lot of rolling!

The tomato sauce bubbled away in the brat pan for hours.... the result was rich, sweet and delicious. Then, in with the roasted dumplings and they bobbed away nicely taking in the flavour of the sweet tomato sauce. Luscious! These dumplings will be absolutely divine over the top of some freshly cooked penne and a generous grating of aged Parmesan.

To remind our taste buds they're alive, another dish in the range is my famous African chicken - spiked with lots of coriander root, star anise, cinnamon and turmeric. All you need is a fluffy bowl of steaming cous cous and a green salad with fresh mint and coriander..... and your dinner is sorted!

I cooked up a huge amount of African chicken today, although all you'll need is a 600g tub to feed three (or two super hungry people!).

....and what do I eat when I get home? Simmone Logue Home Meal Therapy!

By the way, naturally I only use the freshest product from the market on the day and there are no preservatives in this range.

My new Home Meal Therapy range is now available in all Thomas Dux Grocer stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Enjoy!

Happy cooking,
Simmone x

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