Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My New Cheesecakes

Everyone that I've spoken to about my new cheesecakes have waxed lyrical about some all-time fantastic cheesecake that their mum, gran or Auntie Mavis has cooked for every family function since the time they could remember. Well I'm here to tell you, I reckon I've cracked it and I challenge every cheesecake quaffing expert out there to drop everything you are doing RIGHT NOW and rush into your nearest Thomas Dux Grocer or one of my cafes to  try a Simmone Logue cheesecake for yourself.....

If you don't instantly melt into culinary heaven on first bite then you can get your mum, gran or Auntie Mavis to come and give me a few tips.

I've created three different options all wrapped up in a pretty red gingham box. Perfect to take as a gift if you're going over to family and friends for dinner.

My classic and famous lemon curd is in the mix. Although, for a change, I've added a strawberry curd and a kaffir lime and coconut as well.


They weigh 1kg so they're nice and gutsy and go around a table of ten easily with a dollop of double cream on the side and maybe some fresh berries.

These cheesecakes are baked with fresh eggs and, of course, all the lovely natural ingredients you'd expect. Just like.... well, mum, gran or Auntie Mavis would use!

Happy eating,
Simmone Logue (cheesecake connoisseur)

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