Thursday, January 17, 2013

Grilled Rock Lobster with Butter, Basil and Lemon Zest

Only yesterday, towards the end of my holiday at the beach, with a hankering for fresh shellfish, I rigged up my cray pot and lugged it up the rocky beach to my special spot.

With a lucky feeling in my belly I hung an old salmon head into the cage and wired a few chittins in there for good measure and lowered it down into the hole in the rocks which has rarely let me down.

A few little friends came for the adventure so with hand on heart they repeated after me and pledged not to tell, not even their bestest bestie, where the spot is....

Last night we ate like kings and queens as the average size of the beauties excitedly pulled from the ocean was 350g.

We popped them into the frezer for a while (the most humane way of dispatching them) before splitting them down the center, dotting with butter, basil and lemon zest and grilling them to perfection for just under 10mins.

Doesn't get any better than that!

Happy fishing,
Simmone x

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