Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lovely Buttery and Velvety Cupcakes

Every day at around four o'clock I delve into the pastry cabinet at work and retrieve a fluffy, dreamy and luxuriously buttery pink cream cup cake... It's one of the perks of being Simmone Logue I suppose, and the little sugar hit coupled with a double shot latte is just what the doctor ordered to catapult me into a busy afternoon.... :)  Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!

This week leading up to Mothers Day I'm getting well prepared to mix, fold, bake and ice many of these pretty pastel cakes in a celebration of my Mum and both my Grannies on the one day of the year which we can spoil them.
 Next Saturday and Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day I will be with my team in my stores in Cammeray and Double Bay and at Thomas Dux in Paddington offering these fancy little pastel cakes on special, and packed in a pretty red gingham boxes with a gorgeous organza ribbon.

Come on down and try before you buy, and if I'm there with my cupcake stand you can even have a go at icing your own.

See you there and if you're time poor you can call us and we'll have your fresh box of cupcakes ready for you to collect ... No worries!
Happy baking,

Simmone xx

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