Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jenny Sages' Birthday Bash

It was a night when all the planets were lining up ever so beautifully. It was Jenny Sages' birthday party! Jenny is one of our most clever and renowned artists so I needed to create a dinner which was going to compliment the elegance of both Jenny and her beautiful and intricate works of art.

We started by delicately placing the freshest king prawns on a tangle of piquant green mango, fresh mint and fragrant coriander. A creamy, though subtle, dressing of a lime and chilli spiked coconut cream was drizzled over the top, finished with jewel-like super fresh pop-in-the-mouth pearls of salmon roe.

The main course we served poached trout on kipfler potato, preserved lemon mayonnaise and water cress.

And the dessert went down a treat as an old favourite known as the Eton Mess. Parfait glasses with almond meringue, berry compote and mascarpone cream.
Sam Holt with Eton Mess and Sages' Paintings
Happy cooking,
Simmone x

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