Sunday, May 13, 2012

Catering Adventures

I've been catering now for the past 20 years and still get so much joy out of coming into people's homes and cooking beautiful food for them and their friends........ and last Saturday night was no exception.

We bumped into the most gorgeous French-style country kitchen and got stuck into the cooking immediately. I had serious kitchen envy the whole night and if asked, I would have moved in within a split second!

Blackie and Goldie helped with the food preparation and even managed to woof down a few lamb burgers with eggplant relish and tahini sauce in the process.
We started with mojitos for everyone on arrival and my scallops on spoon with nam jim.
Next on the menu were the corn fritters with avocado mash and chilli jam, crispy king prawn wrapped in wonton, and our famous Peking duck crepes.
A good gluten free option is always the fresh Vietnamese rolls with the freshest prawns we can find in the market that morning.
This is lovely Rob Flynn who supervises most of our events... great service, great looks.
Another successful night came to a close. We packed up the van and cleaned the kitchen like good little catering fairies and disappeared into the night. Leaving all as we had found it except the doggies weren't hungry anymore.
I would love to come into your kitchen one day soon? See our beautiful catering menu on our website or phone us on (02) 9519 3680.... it's that easy!
Simmone x


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